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Cool, thanks for the responses guys. I'll fix up a few things so its ready to package up and send to people. Rather than respond directly to anyone, I'll elaborate slightly on my idea for the game.....

Firstly, at the moment it's very much a Jooleem clone. It's quite basic, and probably has some bugs Ive not fixed properly yet, but its a functioning no frills Joolem remake.

The simple nature of the gameplay of Jooleem however allows for lots of audiovisual candy. The vast majority of chipram is left to do whatever I'd like. The basic gameplay of Jooleem is also a static screen with very little in the way of animated gfx, and even less moving gfx. This leaves plenty of resources to spruce up the game beyond the original.
Besides being able to run in ehb on even 1meg 68000 machines and have lots of room left for audio Id also like to add a few extra bonuses and a little extra "depth" to the game, while not stepping outside of the basic gameplay mechanics. By this I mean simple things like having different gfx themes every level (maybe have 4 sublevels per "level" (level 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, 2-2, and so on). Maybe end of level bad guys (I have some ideas here that Im looking forward to implementing). I'd also like to have a few more "bouncing" gfx during the game to try to give a little more "life" to it.

I guess the basic idea is to create something akin to the commercial puzzler games that you find at places like Target, or Kmart and so on for $10 (not sure if theyre just in australia, but basically big department stores).... simple, tried and tested puzzle formulas, but freshened up a bit and good enough to warrant a few dollars, even though theyre "just another puzzle game".

Anyway, most of this is still to be added, thus far it's a basic Jooleeem clone. Even though it's quite a simple game to make, there's a decent amount of gfx and audio needed. Id really like to just keep making the game while I have my mojo, and gfx and sound work is slowing me down

It weird, its a simple puzzle game, but it's the most enthused about an amiga project Ive been in a long time
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