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Anyone Interested in helping me with graphics and audio for "new classic game please?

After 3 years of procrastinating I finally pulled my thumb out and made an original Amiga game again. Ports can be nice to have, but not a lot of fun to do and I get a bit tired of them. In an effort to break out of my rutt I decided to do something that can be finished in a short space of time (inspired by the puzzler "Jooleem" in this instance) and after 4 days work I have a working, albiet rough version up and running.

Although I can do the graphics and sound/music myself Id rather focus on the coding, at least for the moment. With this said, the question becomes, is there anyone who would be interested in helping me out with some graphics and/or music/sounds please ?
I will of course send a version of the game in its current state to anyone interested in helping so they have a better idea of what is needed.

A beta tester or two wouldnt go astray if anyone is interested as well?
The game is hardly going to set the world alight, but it is darn addictive in it's "native" form (ie. Jooleem) and I'd like to bring an "enhanced", nicely presented spin-off to the classic amigas.

Hardware requirements hopefully arent an issue and it should work on a vanilla ocs machine, although I've only tested it on a stock a1200 and '040 equipped a1200 thus far.

Thanks in advance.

p.s. It appears I cant change the thread title. The lack of a close quote mark around the word "new" really annoys me though so if anyone who is able to fix it could do so Id appreciate it. Thanks.
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