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I still find Amiga apps. to be useful: In more or less order, here are 'must-have' Amiga apps.. to this day.

ImageF/X .. NO, it's not a 'Photoshop killer', but about the best on the Amiga. I especially like the fact it can often load, and re-save both damaged ILBM's and .JPEG's.

Wordworth 7
Scenery Animator 4

Directory Opus 4.12 (Never liked newer versions)
Lightwave 5
Interchange Plus (3D object convertor, anything like this for the PC with support of Amiga 3D formats?)
303 Emu2
OctaMED SoundStudio
AudioMaster IV
DCTV Paint
Deluxe Paint 5 (if you have tons of memory)
Deluxe Paint 4 (if you don't!)

A mess of 'axillary' graphics programs, like the Excellent Rend24... cloud and fractal generators, etc.
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