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Hi all.

Hi, I'm Robert. Like many of you, I imagine, my Amiga path started when I was a kid. In the mid eighties the way was paved with a C64 (but I honestly don't remember more than a few games), which lead to an A500 in '87 or '88. An A2000 was purchased as a family computer, and later on, in my teens, I got an A1200, which before its retirement I had upgraded with a 060 card, ram expansion, extra HDD's and so on. Gfx card and a processor upgrade upgrade for the A2000 (I can't seem to remember the exact specs).

These days I only have fond memories of these machines left, and I'm exclusively on a PC, and it's fair to say I'm on the backburner with the Amiga stuff, but in spite of that I quite often I find myself lost in nostalgia with UAE, mainly reliving the good old days through the games.
Currently on a FPS binge with Breathless, AB3D 1+2 through the brilliant WHDLoad, and Gloom Deluxe. Otherwise I like RPG's, especially the old D&D SSI games, Dungeon Master, CSB, and so on. And of course no one can resist platformers like Turrican, Giana Sisters, and many many others. So... yeah, that's a little about me.
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