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Originally Posted by DeafDaz View Post
Is there any news on the Aros Replacement KS? and is there any where I can download it to test? - "Nightly Builds" has the very latest version of AROS-68k. The latest builds are from 2011-11-28 (e.g. today), so it's still active

You'll want "amiga-m68k-boot" for the Kickstart ROM replacement, and the much larger "amiga-m68k-bootiso" for the complete desktop experience with Wanderer (Workbench replacement).

After downloading and extracting, you'll need to configure e.g. WinUAE to run them.

P.S. The latest WinUAE already contains an AROS replacement KS, but the AROS Nightly Builds are more "bleeding-edge".

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