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Originally Posted by alkis21 View Post
A title I can think of that really puts $500 PC software to shame is Disksalv, an awesome program that resolves bad blocks and recovers files from damaged disks.
Whilst DiskSalv is indeed very good and puts most similar PC software to shame, it needn't have been like that.

Windows 95 beta versions featured a 16-bit ScanDisk program to check your hard drive for errors before installing the OS, and this program is the most simple and effective FAT16-formatted hard drive and floppy disk salvage program you could wish for. Dodgy sectors can be remapped to unused sectors on the disk and the originals marked bad. In each case, the remapped sector will be found to contain every single bit of data which could be read from the original sector. If just one bit was unreadable in the original sector, the rest of the data will be salvaged intact. The entire new sector will be readable; only the location and status of the bad bit will be uncertain.

For the release versions of Windows 95, the 16-bit ScanDisk program was replaced by a lame version which filled the remapped sectors with space characters ($20), and the 32-bit versions of ScanDisk were just the same.

Now ScanDisk has disappeared altogether, as well it might.

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