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Originally Posted by DonutKing View Post
What you are saying about low chipram needing to be free makes sense but I don't think it's the case here, as the demo works fine on standard A1000 with only 512KB chipram- but not on A500 with 512KB chipram and no slow/fast.
You have it there I think. Which kickstart does it work on, on the A1000?

My advice is still sound, but I think this demo has two requirements to work; kickstart to start correctly, and OCS [-compatibility] to display correct graphics.

I'm absolutely sure I've watched this on my A500/1.3/512/512 without glitches so you might try an alternative/fixed version, like this one if that's not the one you've tried with. No, I don't know that it's not the buggy/party version.
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