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I did read all replies, and understood everyone, and these are good points to observe, Dreedo, Photon and khph_re.

The Amiga and Windows have similar languages, but they are not multi-platform, and the languages that are multi-platform on Amiga and Windows doesnt work with graphics and sound, or need some type of native extension or library to work with that, incompatible with other systems.

The language that I am visioning generate games that coded once, run anywhere, provided that an interpreter exists on the host computer. The interpreter would be like a virtual videogame console - it loads and executes its own datafile (cartridge) format with games, that adapt to the system they are running.

The simple graphics and sound features was chosen because the majority of portable or old machines doesnt allow much in this area, and they also decrease the size of the resources (very useful for a low-spec Amiga/Windows, and streaming by Internet for example) and I have seen quite impressive things done with a specification like this, like you all should have seen too.

Thats because it needs to be simple initially - if I make it too complex at the very start, it will grow so much that it will lose shape and I will get in trouble with it. After some time, when I squash the bugs and release a stable version, I can think of adding more colours, better graphics and sound routines, and support for other types of systems, especially the newer systems, more complex, that everyone wants.

Also, coding tiny graphics and sound routines should be the most fun thing on the earth, and I would really appreciate the results if I do it right. I am coding the garbage collector and compiler up to now, and its taking the shape that I would like it to be, and I am gaining progress very quickly. Unfortunately I do not work very often with it, as I would like to be.

And guys, I would not lie to you all, the first version is for Windows, unfortunately, I know... But its the API that I know more of. I well tried to learn AmigaOS programming in the past, but I never got access to the NDK and not even a working C compiler, in the country that I live. I played a bit with Intuition, and created windows and drawed text, but only.

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