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Originally Posted by WayneK View Post
..whining about the lack of support for <format X>...
What, they don't support format X?? Dang it.. I'm not buying one now!
er.. wait, I already did, and think it's great..

Originally Posted by WayneK View Post
on the other hand, staying silent for a year has so consider this my 1-off whine for the year
Actually, within that year, they promised write support and have delivered IPF write support.
So, +1 there..
Yes, it's slow going, but they have been delivering on what they said.
They have said they will add write support for other image formats (ADF, etc.), so I can wait....

All in all, I'm happy with my Kryoflux..

..and besides, the "nerd cred" I gain at work telling people I have a device that will read the flux transitions from a floppy.....


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