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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
While I think Amiga needs some game making tools, if you make it too simple you run into the same problems as Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit(often abbreviated as SEUCK).

The best thing you could do to make a good game development kit is to make it as open-ended as possible. Make it possible to write object codes in C and link them with a standard linker such as VLink. That way the user isn't limited by what's possible in the simple editor.
I am aware. On the other side, the project need to start small, because I do not work in a team. So its natural that in the beginning it will lack features of the host system, and that it will probably be used more by beginners and children wanting to play. But I worry if it could fail miserably being so limited. The majority of people dont like games looking retro, at least this is what seems.

Thanks for the reply Samurai_Crow, you are welcome!

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