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Originally Posted by slk486 View Post
Whoa, I don't think anyone is treating emulation users like 2nd class citizens, but UAE is still not an Amiga. I wouldn't count running Basilisk on an Amiga as both an Amiga and a Mac either. Just saying

Though if the PC is dedicated to UAE, then you're right - it should count as much as AROS or Amithlon would.

I think this all depends on the intention of the website...
From what I understand, and i could be wrong, the purpose of the website is to see how many active amigas (official hardware?) there are worldwide right?
So if that is the case then it would be best to only have classic amigas and maybe the amiga one or the Sam line since they run an official amiga os.
Otherwise if the intention is to see how many people use Amiga in general, then I think all forms should be listed, maybe not ALL emulation software specifically, but at least a category called "Emulated Amiga" or whatever. No matter how you use Amiga software, you are an Amiga user!

Of course this is just my own opinion and I could be totally wrong, plus I also don't know what the creator(s) of this website specifically want to find out.

One thing is for sure though, I LOVE THE SITE and I have always been extremely curious about the information that the site finally gives me!
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