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AmigaAnswers (A more focused Amiga site)

Well hopefully you don't remember my previous Amiga site, it was all a bit of a confused mess, neither here nor there.

This time I'm aiming to achieve 1 thing, and thats to provide answers on a variety of Amiga topics. There are already forums out there that can answer questions, and have probably answered most before, but if you want to find a quick answer, I think it'd be good if there was a site with them all laid out for you.

If this has already been done, feel free to shoot me down in flames.

Not much to look at yet, and only 1 question, if you want to add more, just contact me, there's also a forum where you can ask questions and answer any that have been asked. Template will be worked on, but it works for now.

Theres a 'Contact Us' page, as before, to tell me about any errors on the site or anything you would like added to the site.

I really want your opinion on the layout, i want it to be as simple and organized as possible, so you can find your answers easily. So feel free to give me pointers on how to improve it.

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