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Writing data to a floppy disk is not a simple matter, if reliability is a concern.
Data was never duplicated blindly, there is a very good reason why duplicators required a complete understanding of the data that had to be written.

What you read from a floppy disk (e.g. stream files) is never ever what you need to write back to a disk to read the same data again... It works to some degree if you write the flux transitions back as is, but it would be practically an analog copy, ie quality does degrade and it is possible that even a first generation write would not work correctly.
We prefer to have quality associated with KryoFlux rather than those technically poor solutions, that might work occassionally...

Having said that with some post-processing it might be possible to write back stream files with a greater level of success, but the amount of work involved may not warrant the quality of results - diminishing returns applies.

As it is, the current KryoFlux hardware and software is at the same level of quality (or better) than professional duplicator machines that were used for writing the disks.
To maintain that level of quality for writing copy protected software detailed mastering data must be supplied, e.g. an IPF file that can describe exactly what and how to write.

The writing of sector images is something that will happen.
I'd appreciate some feedback on what formats people would like to see, an easy guess would be ADF
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