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Yes, we could do so many things if we would do this for a living...

The past weeks were spent for C64 support and implementing this into the IPF format.

I have explained the "problem" with writing uninterpreted raw data in several other places. A good protection will create ambiguity or put data where the write splice is (you remember, these cylinders can't overlap). In both cases you will need to file a decision, and this needs to be done by an expert.

That said, writing of STREAM or DRAFT will come, but it will always be a 90% solution. There will be titles that can't be written this way. We always made it clear that this is an imaging solution meant for preservation. It was never intended to become a sole copier, and I think it never will be.

Writing of standard disks, e.g. ADF or D64, will be easier to implement, but still take time. I also miss these features, but again... we have a time budget and I can't work around it.

We understand some people would appreciate this, and it's on the todo list. As you might have noticed, we're actively developing it. But this can only happen in our spare time.
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