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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
It runs Amiga software, doesn't it?

If I run AROS on an IBM PC, it is an Amiga? But if I run actual official AmigaOS on that same IBM PC, it is not an Amiga? !?

And a Crapintosh is certainly not any kind of Amiga, by definition it is a Mac not an Amiga. Yet you have them listed.

Emulation users should not be treated like 2nd-class citizens.
Whoa, I don't think anyone is treating emulation users like 2nd class citizens, but UAE is still not an Amiga. I wouldn't count running Basilisk on an Amiga as both an Amiga and a Mac either. Just saying

Though if the PC is dedicated to UAE, then you're right - it should count as much as AROS or Amithlon would.
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