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Originally Posted by khph_re View Post
No, nowhere near £100 (I never mentioned £100, I don't think there has ever been an Amiga RTG solution for that price) especially as it will probably need an accelerator to hang off.

you dont think so?......cv643d 180 gb pounds, picasso 4 250 gb pounds,and the card that plugs into the ppc cards with permidia,160 gb pounds,or there abouts(i mentioned 100 pounds as a minimum)

on the 1200,you would also need the zorro bus for these cards thats 160 gb pounds,ok lets go pci ,mediator lt4 190 gb pounds,mediator tx 220 gb pounds,are you getting it yet?

The bus on the A1200 will certainly limit it (is it zorro II?, I can't remember)

yes,its a modified zorro 2.

. However, if you look up the Raspberry Pi, you'll see the such chips are dirt cheap even in small amounts.
The circuitry needed to interface it would be fairly pricey I should imagine. also, a lot of these chips rely on binary blob drivers, making them all but impossible to port.

yep. hense the comment above,lets take for example the virge used on earlier pc cards and compare it to the amiga cv643d, 25 gb pounds on the pc when new,on amiga 180 gb pounds when new.

There was an RTG card for the A1200, but I can't remember any reviews about the speed.

cant comment on that,as i dont know what your talking about,but trust me on this if a cheap part was used in a amiga rtg system,after rnd and paying for all the peaple to make the card and do the drivers do you think its going to be cheap............only in numbers my freind,only in numbers.thats why pc cards are so cheap.

but i do remember a one slot adaptor that eyetech used to sell,but you would still need the zorro 2 gfx card to plug into it.

sorry it is drifting off topic fol,but i needed to lets leave it there.

to be honest i would like to see some 040 or 060 cards,but it may never happen because not many peaple want to pay for the high price tags.

ok,please please jens make an 040 or 060 based card,even if its in a small batch,and please make it with 128mb of ram.

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