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Maybe it could work? I am no industry expert... but your right Fallout 2 was made in 1998... Amiga games started in 1984 possibly well before the mainstream got into gaming anyone gaming at that time was (i would imagine) a bit of a nerd and was willing to invest time learning about computers and how to make them work...

also any successful business needs break america, Amiga didnt do very well in the states its biggest markets were Europe and Australia...

what i object to is people making money off the back off other peoples work, i guess that they would have to supply...

a kickstart replacement, which they didnt make nor invest in
winUAE (or suchlike), which they probably didnt donate to
a game, in which the original developer would receive no money for

i suppose it might encourage more people to get back into the Amiga and hopefully increase our community at EAB

i am no saint, i copied games back in the day, but i didnt try to make money out of it...

i suppose time will tell as there is no financial outlay maybe anyone with a bit of spare time could do it?
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