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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
We don't really need a "fast rtg". I won't be trying to emulate WindowsXP and run Crysis on my A1200 after all.

All we want is to be able to "open windows faster", "move windows faster", "fill pixels, rectangles faster" "be able to use more than 16 colours" without system slowing down and things like that.

this is exactly what im talking about,nobody is going to get that sort of performance from a classic amiga system even with 100mhz 060(trust me on this)i just dont think peaple should be comparing mobile phones and pc's that run at 3.2ghz,its never going to be that fast.

im not saying that its imposible,just impractical and very expensive.

at the end of the day if peaple want rtg sysems they may as well have an 040 or 060 or ppc to compliment such a system to speed it up.

also most peaple are happy with ram cards or 030's for playing and demand if you see what i mean.
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