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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
So it would seem that developers get exploited and so do the customers... Nice business model! I get that they aren't gonna say hey do it for free yourself, but with stuff like YouTube, forums and even facebook (seeking advice) playing old games using emulators is easy as you can find lots guidance through those channels..

Maybe I naive, I just don't see a market for this?

Edit: Looking at ebay you can buy a pre-setup Amiga emulator plus 22,000 game disks for £3.99
Again, if GOG and DOTEMU are trying, it means there can be a market for this. I don't think they are just finding a place to invest those spare $500k they had leftover from the holiday season ;-)

And I think there could be a way to give everyone its own share. Look at the DOSbox site: they've put a nice banner sending you to (hint hint...).

There will always be people pirating software, as there will always be those who think different (no pun intended), and you obviously sell to the latter category. And there will be "pro" users like us that don't need to be spoon-fed.

What you can say (correctly) is that the PC market has always been double figure wider than the Amiga one, so an hypotetical oriented to retrogaming would have much less audience.
Also another meaningful objection would be: look at, they're selling "Fallout 2", not the first "Test Drive": apparently there is a limit to how far a PC retroplayer is willing to go ;-)
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