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Do you know a way to avoid that ?
At the time we were using floppy, so the game, demo, etc was delivered in the floppy. I don't think you can do a "Hello World" without the Amos.Library
If I knew it was possible I would have done it.

For the size, a "Hello World" takes 12kb one compiled. The code of Tiny Launcher is about 96ko, +2500 lines, +2400 instructions, about 30 functions, 2 loops (for the 2 menus), 50kb of samples.
The code is pretty optimized, I looked at it yesterday to improve it, it's going to be difficult.

Doing Text Manipulation in ASM nowdays is suicide or you have time to loose as the launcher is fast enough and wouldn't be faster in ASM coded by me!
Back in the days, I did some ASM 68k in the past but nothing extraordinary.
I'm agree it's more insteresting to do it in ASM, but as you may know nowdays I'm more known as musician than a coder.
At the begining I did Tiny Launcher for me :

I saw a interesting menu on a CDTV compilation and I wanted to use it for doing my own. Unfortunately, everything was builtin, it was impossible to use it. So I did Tiny Launcher on the same way.
Some people were interested in it. Then Jim had a project called "x-bench" in which I was beta tester/musician. We had the alpha version, but then Jim has disappeared from the Amiga community for a long time, we had any news.
That's life, maybe he had some problems.
People were still contacting me about Tiny Launcher, that I was unable to deliver (because again the database was built in). So I gave them instead the Jim's email, twitter, homepage etc as I don't wanted to spread the alpha version which wasn't my propriety.

Then I went sick for 3 days and I have decided to work on Tiny Launcher.
The 1st reason was that I have created a thread here on x-bench named "Nobody will beg Francko anymore" (for his launcher) and I was feeling like people were begging me Tiny Launcher. So I was feeling bad

A few days after the first release, Jim has delivered the alpha, and is now working again on it. That's cool. His 1st idea was to do a workbench replacement. I told him it would be cool to support whdload. So I hope that it will not end as a Tiny Launcher clone because it would mean that we have spent twice the time for the same project and as you may know, for the Amiga it's better to be efficiently.

Well all that just to say that I would like to work on music soon.

The next version of Tiny Launcher will be 180kb and will have a much better improve, I mean very fast display routine. Maybe it's time to find a new name...something like "Amiga Retro Launcher".
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