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So it would seem that developers get exploited and so do the customers... Nice business model! I get that they aren't gonna say hey do it for free yourself, but with stuff like YouTube, forums and even facebook (seeking advice) playing old games using emulators is easy as you can find lots guidance through those channels..

Also if you owned a computer back in the day then you were considered a techie nerd, so in all likelyhood you still are, thus you would be able to this all yourself

Maybe I naive, I just don't see a market for this?

Edit: Looking at ebay you can buy a pre-setup Amiga emulator plus 22,000 game disks for £3.99 or you can do it the right way with Amiga Forever at £9.99 and get 40 games and 40 demos and have a legit 1.3 rom and wb 1.3

of course i have winuae... and all it cost me was time! And the real thing also!

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