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Toni Wilen
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WinUAE 0822R3 released

0.8.22R3 (R2 bug fix update) released

Bugs fixed:

- Ports-tab crash fixed
- joystick handling fixes
- hard drive configuration save fixed
(trailing spaces are now removed from HD ID-string)
- fixed stuck keys when switching between WinUAE and Windows
- sprite fix (some games had flashing sprite garbage)
- thread priority tweaks
- setupapi.dll error when running under Windows 95
- emulation slowdown and sound stuttering in 68000 mode (finally?)
- Amithlon partition detection fixed (detection failed if drive's
partition table contained more than 6 partitions)
- jumpy mouse fixed
- hardfile not found -bug fixed
- "The selected screen mode can't be displayed in a window, because.." now correctly
forces fullscreen mode instead of repeating the message forever..

New feature:

- implemented harddisk and CD-leds that flash during HD/CD access
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