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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
I think may know what's going on, it's something to do with the version of the WB libs (ROM/WB). I use the WB API do choose the best PAL mode to use, with my OS 3.9 setup it always chooses the same PAL sceen mode without looking at what mode WB happens to be running in at the time but it looks like OS 3.1 chooses the current WB mode.

I'll think I'll try a different approach to choosing a screen-mode and then get you guys to test it

No sorry, no external MIDI support in ScummVM ECS/AGA/RTG. I could look at adding timidity support but I've got no spare time and no external MIDI hw to test with either. The good news (for 060) users is that MIDI emulation should be improved with the latest releases.
On my Windoz7 64bit, I've installed Timidity and ScummVM now shows Timidity++ Driver (Windows Midi) under settings audio preferred device

When I choose that, it uses the soundfont that I've setup with setwindrv under Timidity/bin/

I am installing Amitimidity at the moment. Is it too much work to redirect midi to this amitimidity? Would it slow down things more?

Converting midi to wav on the fly (or prior to starting the game) and make Scummvm play that wav (maybe using play16?) file instead of emulating midi? wouldn't this be faster and maybe even allow 030 users to have midi? (I guess that won't work for imuse music system for various Lucas games though)

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