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Please contact us so we can give you the dumping tools!

Originally posted by Antiriad
You CANNOT believe how pissed i am that my copies of Populous and the promised lands were wiped over by hacks!
Unfortuately there is a very good reason for this. Populous (not sure about the promised lands though) contains an invalid MFM stream in the Copylock track. This means that this track is *very* likely to go bad because it is "hard to read".

He then told me that i had the Quartex crack of it!
Meaning the previous owner wiped his ORIGINALS!!!:eek
With what I said abov, this also means that the game goes bad quite easily. i.e. it stops working. This is probably why your original got copied over with a crack.

Although this is still a silly thing to do (we could have recovered that disk) you should BLAME THE PUBLISHERS for doing something so stupid.

You will be happy to know that when the CAPS image comes out you can fix your disk as new.
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