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Not been a good night for Accelerator hunting

I was hoping to buy a Custom 1200 with Blizzard MK IV from Amibay I was third in line behind 2 other foreign buyers but because the chap who was selling it put "Due to the weight of this item, I’d prefer to sell to UK only" I thought yay I'm in with a chance. Unfortuanately for me he his offering it to them first. I am miffed but admire his fairness!

I was also bidding on a Blizzard A1230 MK IV but after it went over £165 I backed out.

It's pretty tough trying to get an accelerator!!!

Good news is Cosmos as posted my Capacitors for both the 1200 and I've got some for a 600 I have that's displaying a black screen and scroll lock on, hopefully caps might cure it

Amigakit as also picked my order so that shouldn't be too long now.

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