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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
So it wouldn't have happened if I had a Delfina?
That's the theory at least

Also when I exit a game and try to restart ScummVM AGA, I get trashed GUI screen and some repeating noise sound. Maybe 060 getting too hot? (it doesn't always happen)
No, I think that's a bug in the C2P routine (the 060 version uses a different routine).

Just tried Space Quest 4 but it was a bit slow. (with midi enabled) the 060 version was better in this case.
Try it without MIDI then, you're lucky to get MIDI working with any games (most people aren't so lucky). SCI games are known to be really slow anyway (as stated in the README).

Can't fastram be used instead of chipram to overcome this? (I guess not. :P )
I do everything in FASTRAM, I only use CHIPRAM to display the final image (same as all of the latest AGA demos).
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