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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Yep I was going to update the 060 audio back to the 040 version's audio when I get the time.

I think the problem with the current 060 audio is that it's exhausting the chip-ram write speed (eg you get audio stutter when you use Paula).
So it wouldn't have happened if I had a Delfina?

btw so you know what ahi dma paula mod is useful for?

Also when I exit a game and try to restart ScummVM AGA, I get trashed GUI screen and some repeating noise sound. Maybe 060 getting too hot? (it doesn't always happen)

Just tried Space Quest 4 but it was a bit slow. (with midi enabled) the 060 version was better in this case. The 040 version simply stuttered a lot and was slow while 060 version stuttered but was much faster. On one of my tries with the 040 version, speech in game did not stutter (it stuttered during intros) but I have no idea how that happened.

Can't fastram be used instead of chipram to overcome this? (I guess not. :P )

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