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Thanks for the video, your Amiga runs the 040 version of Discworld very well and I notice that you've also got the MIDI emulator running at the same time without slowdown.....very cool to see on the real thing

Most games will run much faster without MIDI BTW, so if you have games that are slow then selecting 'no music' within the ScummVM UI will make them run faster (obviously if the game doesn't actually use MIDI it won't make any difference to the speed!).

ScummVM AGA/ECS/RTG does not support compressed audio, you must use the original uncompressed audio files if you want to play.

About how the audio works:

In the 030/040 version only, it uses the AHI device specified in the AHI Prefs (music unit)....the best one to use is either 8bit Stereo++ FAST or (if you've got the power) 14bit Stereo++ FAST if you have Paula. If you have a real 16bit sound card then use a 16bit stereo mode. The actual audio rate used is the one specified in the ScummVM UI and not the one specified in your AHI prefs. A game will always run slower the higher you set the audio playback rate (eg 8k is the fastest).

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