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Thanks Djay that was one of the most informative replies i've ever had

I watched the Frontier video and it bought back great memories, I did have a Blizzard Accelerator back in the day so I know roughly what i'm getting in performance terms. I've already posted on Amibay for a Blizzard Wanted and constantly checking the site throughout the day I let one slip away from me on Amibay (Blizzard 1230 with FPU and 16GB for almost £170 Boxed etc) at the time my thoughts were I'm not paying more for a second hand Accelerator than a new ACA-1231/42 for around £160 delivered with 12 months warranty. But now release date for that card as slipped to December and who's to say it won't slip again!

I have been offered another Blizzard with 128mb and no FPU or original box for £175. But then I would have to try and get my hands on an FPU and last time they were in stock anywhere they were about £40. So i'm thinking this may be a little to rich for me although I haven't dismissed it yet!

I wish I just bought the first blizzard

The hunt continues, watching one on the bay atm and it's exactly what I want and doing a completed history search shows that they usually go for the sum I have in mind so fingers crossed!

I'm probably going to shorten the the Amiga to Scart TV cable myself in to a more manageable 1.5 meters by de-soldering one end, chopping the cable then re-soldering.

I will use the 4GB CF/IDE as my static drive and will probably install Classic Workbench along with WHDLoad Games etc. Then use the 1GB CF I already have along with the PCMCIA Compact Flash Transfer Kit to transfer stuff from PC to Amiga.

Also thanks for all the detailed information about the 3.1 Roms, really glad I ordered them now

I contacted someone on Amibay about caps for the Amiga but not heard back from them yet. I couldn't see anywhere on Amigakit that listed the caps, So I'm still looking for those as well.

Thanks again
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