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I'll test Zany Golf ton8 on my IIGS as I just installed the CFFA3000 on it full of software/games.

Do you know if the HD files on whatisappleIIGS site contains all the games ever made for the IIGS?
A CFFA3000, nice! Mine is being shipped out this week. So excited. The HD files on whatisappleIIGS contains all HD-installable games that are currently freeware. Games like those owned and copyrighted by Softdisk are still commercially sold if you can believe that. Also, there's about 20 or so games that I like that require a floppy disk so they're not part of the HD images such as Sensei. But CFFA3000 will do away with that now, so you can just add to those HD images with ciderpress (or manually add to them).
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