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Yes, if you active the RAD, once you have selected your game, Tiny Launcher reset the computer, and boot the game (without using Tiny Launcher at all) with a...Tiny Startup-sequence that just tell just to boot the game

As I said earlier, Loading(R) means Tiny Launcher will use the RAD if it can mount it (=> Kickstart 3.X)

In the earlier version, the RAD was activated if there was No Fast Memory.

In this version, the RAD is AUTO-activated if the Amiga has 1MB of chipram

(but I will set it better in the future).

By this, you can understand that this is the reason why, I don't care using GFX, SND etc in the interface

The only issue with that is, sometime you have to power-off the Amiga (with the power supply).

So when you know that your setup is too limited for launching a game, yes, engage the RAD.

The use of the 320x256 is on the roadmap.
the video information detect if AGA is available, so I don't have a clue if it is ECS or OCS. I could write xCS.


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