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I've been trying my best to get a Blizzard 1230 MK IV with 50Mhz FPU and at least 16mb (I'm prepared to pay the going rate) but no luck so far. If I don't get a Blizzard by the time the ACA-1231/42 comes out (been put back to early December now) I'll just get that as I don't want to spend more than £160 on an accelerator.

cant recommend enough, my video of Frontier using and without accelerator... (try amibay
and here is a photo of the speed increase

I'm also looking at replacing the Capacitors in the 1200, Anyone know of somewhere I can buy a full set?

Amigakit or request to buy at amibay

SCART TV TO AMIGA RGB CABLE 4.8M WITH AUDIO, Seems expensive and don't really want 4.8m but I've read it's the best.

i have the short one running on my A600 to LCD TV (its LCD fixed by Amiga kit works great) here is my video of the difference [ Show youtube player ]

4GB CF IDE HARD DISK, Any point in getting a version that takes 2 CF's?

nice to have a static HD and then you can transfer files from the PC to the Amiga as the PCMCIA is hot swappable, i know it sounds a bit silly but it kinda feels more complete with a built HD and they are not too expensive, also 1GB on your other CF sounds alot, but once you have got WHDLoad up and running and yes you really do want to, its uhmmm not

A1200 replacement keyboard (UK), The one I have is very yellow.

yepp, nothing worse than looking at a white machine with yellow keys at some point i need to a bright white case and keys for my A600, its not actually that bad but nowhere near my A1200
here is a photo, you can see the difference

Kickstart 3.1 ROMS, Thought I may as well bring it up to date

quick list of the benefits:-
3.0 cannot run AmigaOS later than 3.1 (it doesn't support loading in modules from AmigaOS updates like 3.1 does)
3.1 contains many bug fixes to the libraries both internally and on the disk
3.1 is more up-to-date
3.1 supports the Akiko chip when used on a CD32
3.1 supports the extra CD32 libraries that are built into ROM (namely lowlevel.library and nonvolatile.library)
3.1 contains minor improvements to RTG handling
3.1 contains the additional datatypes: ANIM and CDXL
3.1 introduces a small delay whilst checking for hard drives. This gets around the old 3.0 bug whereby a hard drive is not always recognised from cold boot.

How long does delivery normaly take? everything was in stock when ordered today.

not long for the stuff you have ordered, should be with you by the end of the week

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