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Originally Posted by ApolloBoy2 View Post
I got an AmTRAC Microspeed trackball mouse, the aforementioned A1010 and MIDI interface, and a Wico joystick. The A500 also had an extra 512K installed in the trapdoor slot so I've got 1 MB of RAM as well. It works fine, but without an RGB cable or games I can't really do much with it right now. The only disk I got with it was the first disk of Dynamic Studio and it's practically useless without the other disks. Plus, using it in monochrome composite isn't exactly fun.
1MB total RAM is nice to have available for playing games. It would have been my first recommendation if it had not been included.

For an RGB cable, look no furher than AmigaKit's SCART TO AMIGA (RGB) CABLE WITH AUDIO:
This is the most compatible cable you could wish for.

It's possible that lost_lemming may be interested in your MIDI interface. See this thread:

I will post back here later with some suggestions for transferring files from your PC to the Amiga, but I need to search some threads first.

By the way, did you get any Workbench disks with the Amiga, and what is the Kickstart version (shown on the screen when you boot without a floppy in the drive)?
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