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New Amiga 500 owner

I used to go by ApolloBoy here, but something happened with the email associated with my old account, so here I am again. Anyway, I used to own an Amiga 1000 a couple of years ago, then I wound up selling it because I couldn't get it to work properly with Amiga Explorer. However, I went to a local computer store yesterday to get some parts for my DOS PC and wound up walking out with a box of Amiga stuff for $20, which included a Amiga 500 and various accessories.

So now what I'd like to know is what upgrades are available for the A500 and how I can play some games without resorting to tracking down the original floppies (which is somewhat expensive since I'm in the US).

BTW, would anyone be interested in an Amiga 1010 or Golden Hawk MIDI Gold 500 interface? I don't really have any use for them and I'd like to give them to someone who would appreciate them.
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