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Ha, I'd forgotten about the oozes. Man, I hated those!

I think my favorite dungeon is the one with the werewolves; the entrance is carved to look like a giant wolf maw. IIRC, there's also a neat pyramid level.

I've been playing Skyrim lately and am struck by how clunky it is compared to M&M 6. Always pausing the game, checking things, swapping out spells, quaffing pots, etc. Not like M&M 6 where you're almost always doing something worth doing. I wish Skyrim had a turn-based mode like M&M 6! That'd make it much easier to control and more believable, since I don't think it's possible for me to really eat 16 carrots, 4 potatoes, and 12 cabbages in a split second.
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