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Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
I don't pretend to understand the way Graffitti works, except if it is the same as DCTV it works with bitplanes, not chunky graphics and I know that some time in the very early 1990's at an Amiga show I saw an A3000 running a complete movie which had been converted a single frame at a time to DCTV format and it ran full speed from the hard drive with sound. Probably Anim5 format I guess, but it looked every bit as good as a (typical for the time) VHS tape being played back. I am sure it was not limited to 320 resolution, it was full NTSC resolution.

I would love to see the DCTV or Graffitti display make a come back for Classic Amiga game animations. I don't know why more programmers did not use DCTV or Graffitti to get more colorful games back when both display devices were first released.

Of course if Oliver can get us a fast chunky display from our ECS Indivisions with 8bit or 12bit color depth, that might be a better solution. Any news to tell about your progress Oliver?
I had actually seen shots from that DCTV demo, AmigaDave. It was a full-screen 768x482 - ish animation, probably in DCTV's 3-plane mode tho. I forgot the technical bits, but each DCTV screen, to the Amiga is only a plain 8-color screen, so resources needed are pretty low...
I love DCTV units, and all my working Amiga's have one.

Would REALLY love someone to do a new DCTVPaint, and how about a DCTV cel animator? (I believe it was announced, but never finished)

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