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Breathing new life in to my loft kept 1200!

I've been out of the Amiga scene for about 15 years but suddenly got the urge to get back in! Over the years I've picked up various computers from Car Boots etc. but they always end up in the loft hours later. I decided to resurrect a 1200 that was in the loft (amongst a 600, 5 x Atari ST's and various other consoles and computers - I'm a bit of a hoarder!)

Well after cleaning, testing and much research on this board and other lesser sites this is where I am up to.

I have a fully working Amiga 1200 Rev 1B, case is almost white, Keyboard is very yellow, top metal inernal shied is missing (does it matter?) and I've also bought a nice little Scart RGB LED Monitor (16" LUXOR LUX-16-914-TVB) for it and that's as far as I've got.

I've been trying my best to get a Blizzard 1230 MK IV with 50Mhz FPU and at least 16mb (I'm prepared to pay the going rate) but no luck so far. If I don't get a Blizzard by the time the ACA-1231/42 comes out (been put back to early December now) I'll just get that as I don't want to spend more than £160 on an accelerator.

I'm also looking at replacing the Capacitors in the 1200, Anyone know of somewhere I can buy a full set?

I've decided to try and retro-bright the case and buy a new keyboard as the original really is terrible!

Just ordered the following from Amigakit.

EasyADF PCMCIA Compact Flash Transfer Kit, already have a spare 1GB CF
SCART TV TO AMIGA RGB CABLE 4.8M WITH AUDIO, Seems expensive and don't really want 4.8m but I've read it's the best.
4GB CF IDE HARD DISK, Any point in getting a version that takes 2 CF's?
A1200 replacement keyboard (UK), The one I have is very yellow.
Kickstart 3.1 ROMS, Thought I may as well bring it up to date
A1200 Triple LED Adapter (Power/HDD/FDD), Power LED is dead

How long does delivery normaly take? everything was in stock when ordered today.

So that's my hardware plans and once I get those sorted I'll move on to Software! I'm really hoping to have it all up and running before Christmas, the only thing that's holding me back is the Accelerator and finding replacement caps.

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