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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Ok, but if you use a CD32 or a computer with no keyboard in the Shooney's garden ? how to do ? lol
Ah I did not thought about that. And in Shoonay's garde we had keyboard ofcourse but no mose connected. And kayboard was even used except for quit key from WHDLoad games. We use it in Dyna Blaster for third player Few days after party Shoonay finish devleoping special controler interface for four joysticks in hdd cover. Perfect for more than two players in the same time
Ok, I'm going to move the EXIT5 on F10, UP+STICK on the first menu will exit (with 5 returned to the CLI too) and the Exit Door will exit in mode normal.

What do you think of this ?
Good idea. Let it be Btw, thanks again for spending so much time creating new Tiny Launcher versions. And maybe in future version you will add custom gfx and possibility to set gfx to none. Because I wonder it is possible on Amiga with 4 MB extension - like my - have more than 3700 KB of Fast memory when run Tiny Launcher as first on clear boot. That amount of memory Tiny Launcher shows under WinUAE with 4 MB of Fast memory set. So maybe it is possible to have as much memory as possible (near 4 MB). Ofcourse most of popular games work with PRELOAD option under that amount of memory but sometimes WHDLoad version of my favorite game SWOS 96/97 flash screen even on that config when starting match. Ofcourse I can play with non WHDLoad SWOS 96/97 version from Hard Disk, but it freeze system clock and I must set it again after return to Classic WB. And I care about clock because if I have possibility to use realtime clock, why it must show unreal time And custom graphics with also none option to set is suggestion for later TL versions, if ii will allow to save some much Chip/Fast memory.

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