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Hmmm, it's a fact - I did not tested under Workbench. For me better key to quit with "5" returned on CLI will be F10. Because I'm used to this combination in WHDLoad games. This is my default quit key. I have my Amiga on a small folding chair when I conecting to PC with Easy Cap and I have most keys if not needed covered with mouse pad with mouse on it to save place in my small room And F10 is not covered. And I put my keypad on other table wit PC keyboard next to PC Monitor. Ofcourse I have keyboard covered by big mouse pad when keyboard is not needed in game. So can it be F10 key for me? Please I use Easy CAP and PC monitor because I do not have room and cash to find and buy deticated Amiga monitor and do not want to ocupate my parents TV in other room. Ofcourse ESC key will be useful to exit without returning "5" on CLI. Ah, and in my opinion you should disable "C" key when Configuration screen is show. Or maybe easyiest thing will be add "RUNFROMCLI" parameter and show "5" only then after pressing Escape. I hope in Amos there is no problem to read parameters like in HSPascal you can use ParamStr(1) or something similar. You decide what will be much useful. Leaving to exit by both "combos" Esc and F10 and shows "5" only when Tiny Launcher was run with some short text parameter - maybe "fromcli"?

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