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@gibs: good news - it works like it should and like I wanted to. But only when I press Right Amiga + A, not Left Amiga. But key combo is for test puproses only - like I suspect. So following script works fine. So you can implement in next release when user exit from launcher without runing demo or game and your launcher will be perfect. I hope also break a detecting assigns on green rectangle screen - will be possible by escape key. And maybe it is possible to add nice requester with error message if amos.library will be not found. Because not it is requester with Suspend / Reboot buttons and error #80000003. Because sometimes some one can forgot copy amos.library to LIBS: drawer. Anyway my test script looks like that and like I wrote it works fine:. Blah I repeating myself with this "works fine" but I'm happy from this fact And after long time spend in work I hope I may test perfect version of TInyLauncher.exe soon
assign >NIL: T: RAM:
assign >NIL: ENV: RAM:
set Reply `pmc.exe`
if $Reply eq "5"

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