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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
I have been having keyboard problems where certain keys won't work, like QWERT and the return key. prowler in another thread pointed me to thread where a guy had a similar problem so he cut off the end of the ribbon and scratched off the plastic so the tracks were exposed. I tried the same and found the plastic was a bit thick and tough I ended up scratching part of the track off too! So I got a sharp knife and lifted up the edge of the plastic and peeled it back and this exposed the tracks without me having to scratch anything off! Now the keyboard works no matter how much I wiggle the ribbon cable on the keyboard. All the keys work, I can use a text editor and type all the characters on my keyboard and everything appears normal.
Hi Barry,

I have no idea what's causing your Cyclone problem, I'm afraid, but I can't imagine how the keyboard repair could be the culprit.

However, your 'peeling back the plastic' variation on the keyboard ribbon fix is so good that it's definitely worth mentioning in both your original thread and the one you referred to which gave you the idea.
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