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Originally posted by manicx
Nice to see that people are willing to contribute! I send my original Kick Off 2 v1.4e. Any chance to this this without the protection guys? I 've tried with a Cyclone copier but had no luck !
Yes, thanks again for your dump contributions!

We can't supply you with an image of the game without protection, because don't strip protection out of games! But then you knew that.

However, I have already made sure that you guys will get a fully protected image very soon after releases start to appear. It is a very high priority for us. Hopefully we can get the up-and-coming mastering tools to write it on a normal Amiga too.

Yeah, shame about Cyclone. However, as you will see from another thread on the board you have a much older version than the latest - we just need to find you a copy!

See here:

Thanks again to Bernd for the answer!

Whether it will work on not is anybodys guess - but worth a try. Mind you, it is *possibly* only *weeks* left until the first C.A.P.S. release. We will try to get some out for Christmas - hopefully. Yours will follow as soon as we are able to get it out after that.
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