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The culprit causing this grief was found by using none other than the PC demo. On the PC, these longwords being cleared flag a location so a mine won't reappear after exploding. Neither the Amiga DEMO or FULL game work that way. The mines are always replaced. Moreover, when the snake's head position computed, a multiplication by 80 (columns) rather than 20 occurs causing other memory to be cleared wildly. Here are the experimental "fixes" I have been testing with 100% success so far.
Change on the right.

00051ED8: 08 30 restore Level 15 to original state.

STOP: for the most accurate copy and live with bugs.

00009595: 50 14 correct multiplier for blue snake
0000A4F9: 50 14 correct multiplier for yellow snake

No lockups, bad gfx that I've been able to find. Looking back as far as WIP1, I don't remember a single guru.

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