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Originally Posted by antonvaltaz View Post
I'm quite interested in this (I too had that demo from The One)... so is it fair to say that the last version Prowler released is more or less accurate?
The RC1 disk image is as accurate as I can get it for now. I cannot salvage any more data from the disk with the equipment I have. The bad sectors have been fixed with the help of clenched and Boo Boo, and the game runs okay.

In addition, a bug which was found in Level 15 of the game has been fixed at clenched's suggestion.

A furher bug in Level 31, also discovered by clenched, has not been fixed.

The game does not appear to save Hi-Scores to disk, but we are not sure whether this is intended, or as a result of bad data in Tracks 0 or 1 of the disk image. Pickaweapon, to whom the original disk belongs, could be the only peson who would know for sure. I will reserve my judgement on the RC1 disk image until Pickaweapon has posted his thoughts.

In the meantime, download it and give it a try on your A500 or in emulation!
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