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KS 1.3 (probably all 1.x version compatible if booting is not needed)/68000 compatible PFS3/PFS3DS is now available for testing:

WARNING: As usual, data loss possible if things go wrong.. Tested on emulation and real A500 + Supradrive 500XP (ROM version 3.8 = AMAB6)

NOTE: Stupid drivers (like Supradrive 500XP boot ROM) only load RDB filesystems that have dostype "DOSx" where x can be anything. (I used "DOSP" instead of correct "PFS\3" or "PDS\3"). Anything else and driver simply ignores the RDB filesystem... I hope this is not common problem. (also 500XP does not support Direct SCSI. SCSI controller without Direct SCSI support. Perfect..)

Technical details:

All features supported. Uses original rom dos routines if v37 or higher OS. Uses wrappers when running under OS older than v37.
All requesters are disabled if running under 1.x. (1.x has only crappy and stupid requester routines, I didn't bother to add requester wrappers)

(source patch will be also available soon)


Files updated.
- Direct-SCSI fix (TD64 should not be defined when building DS). Works on my Supradrive 500XP now.
- Minimum allowed buffer changed to 10 buffers.

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