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OK, think I can clear up a few of the loose ends surrounding Jurassic Park.

The originals were on 4 mfm disks and all the data was highly compressed, hence 5 amigados disks for the cracked versions.

There is a hell of a lot of protection in the game and I'd be very surprised if anybody cracked it 100%.. The passwords are linked to the protection as well. Thats why a lot of them don't work.If I remember correctly it gives out random passwords on cracked versions. Also the raptors being harder to kill is due to a bad crack.. The game screws up subtly in many ways if it detects its a cracked version... And being a cracker myself I knew plenty of tricks for implimenting the protection

We also produced a CD32 version which was never released. This used amigados for loading and is o/s friendly and has no protection. Think I still have this on backup somewhere.. Might look it out one of these days...


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