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I think may know what's going on, it's something to do with the version of the WB libs (ROM/WB). I use the WB API do choose the best PAL mode to use, with my OS 3.9 setup it always chooses the same PAL sceen mode without looking at what mode WB happens to be running in at the time but it looks like OS 3.1 chooses the current WB mode.

I'll think I'll try a different approach to choosing a screen-mode and then get you guys to test it

Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
do we have soundfont support? I remember installing timidity on my pc and a beautiful soundfont. It made midi music impressive.
No sorry, no external MIDI support in ScummVM ECS/AGA/RTG. I could look at adding timidity support but I've got no spare time and no external MIDI hw to test with either. The good news (for 060) users is that MIDI emulation should be improved with the latest releases.

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