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Originally Posted by CritAnime View Post
As much as I love the Amiga I do feel that it's about time we let the old girl have the rest she deserves.
The Amiga to be honest is firmly in the enthusiast and retro scenes now. At least the hardware is. The operating system does not need to be, I have been looking for an alternative to windows for some years now. I'm interested in FreeBSD which I have a dedicated system for, but it's the AmigaOS that I find has got that magic something. Thankfully for that there is AROS, I particularly like how I get to choose the hardware platform. I like the potential that AROS has, not as a dedicated competitor to Windows, OSx, even FreeBSD or GNU/Linux but as a solid alternative.

True AROS does lack for driver support (not enough developers). Also true there could be more modern applications for it. Now if there was only a Java jre and jdk for it.
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