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WinUAE minor problems with XP

I have had several problems.
I just upgraded (is that the word?) to WinXP
(WinME self descruted) and to WinUAE0.8.21.
I have a AMD 1.3G, 256DDR, Nvidea 2, Audigy...PC

- When I launch with no GUI on startup checked I get all of the drives on my workbench 2 times. 2 Work, 2 System, 2 Data.....

- YAM seems to take forever to connect for the first time (30+ seconds). An issue with discovering the BSDsocket already open

- Opening internet application no longer starts my dialup. It used to in WinME.

Is there any settings I should use to fix this. I tried Win98/ME compatibility, but got 3X the drives and MUCH slower operations.

I have these problems with 0.8.21R4 and 0.8.22R2

Only diference is that 22R2 seems to stall my Wonder TV VE video display on my second monitor when active. There must be a thread with a higher priority than in 21R4
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