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I don't think the Amiga name and trademarks are worth much to the world of computing now. Maybe a few years ago it would have been a decent conclusion for the brand if someone like the minimig developers or individual could have used them. Those developers could have given the brand a graceful retirement. I guess given the history it's unlikely they could have done a fair and sensible deal for what they are really worth.

I suppose the Amiga was originally a condensation of all the computing technology that was in the air at the time, (C language, multitasking OS, GUI, multimedia), into an affordable home computer, everthing since then has been a multiplication of these capabilities by moores law and network connectivity. What application can you use now that didn't exist for the amiga? games, graphic art, music production, video editing, business apps. . . . not that much has changed.

If something like the Amiga, (or home computing revolution in general), happens again, I don't know what it might look like, I dont think portability, (ie. smartphones), quite does it. Maybe the next time something can change our experience with computing so much it will be when computing disappears from sight, stops being a device you use and becomes part of you. Whatever it is, I expect I'll probably be too old fashoned to understand or approve of this new fangled junk
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